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A giant Leap towards

Green future.

Talk about Solar panel cleaning?

Which Solution is right for you?

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Fully autonomous cleaning robot



Shareable cleaning robot

Talk about features?

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Superior Cleaning

The microfiber cleaning fins along with the airflow flicks off the dust or debris without scratching or dragging them over the panel surface, thus protecting the A.R.C.

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Easy to use

LOTUS P4000 is an ergonomically-designed robot that comes with accessories that make it super easy to lift, operate, move, switch rows, bridge table-gaps, and park.

Energy Independent.png

Energy Independent

A solar-based “charging point” is provided with each robot which can be set up at any location on the site to charge a single battery pack in as few as 2 hours.



The modular design and unique drive unit allow our robot to have lengths ranging from 2 m to 8 m. It can fit on an existing solar plant without any construction.

Durable  Robust.png

Robust & Reliable

All the parts are meticulously
designed, manufactured, sourced, rigorously tested, and assembled to perform at the optimum level even in the harshest conditions.

Cloud Connected.png

Cloud connected

All robots can be controlled and/or monitored from anywhere and on any device via a web dashboard. It can be integrated with plants existing SCADA system.

Safety sytems Equipped.png

Safe on panels

The 39 kg weight of the cleaning robot is well distributed via durable and wide wheels made of TPU material. It runs on the solar panel frame.

Runs on Misalignments.png

Irregularities tolerant

Our patented design involving
dual-drive motion system enables the cleaning robot to efficiently overcome panel-to-panel irregularities of up to 40 mm. 

ROI - Copy.png

Quick ROI

Our R&D at every stage towards engineering and production has resulted in the cleaning robots that conservatively provide ROI under 9 months.


Clients & Supporters

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Get in Touch


IITD's FITT Incubator @CB,

Chandrashekhar Bhawan, 2nd Floor, 13B, Rouse Avenue, Vishnu Digambar Marg,

New Delhi -110002


Plot - 5, Sihani-Nandgram Road,

Nandgram, Near Fatima Convent School

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh - 201003 


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