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About Us

Renewable energy is the future

Earth and Space

Our Story

We're an IIT Delhi alumni startup. Our team comprises of highly-motivated people educated as engineers and practicing as problem solvers. We think sustainability in every aspect of life is critical for the conscious life on this planet to further enhance and grow.

With that vision in mind, Greenleap Robotics is out there to play its part in moving the world towards a sustainable energy future. With our advanced robotic solar panel cleaning solutions, we're transforming the way large-scale solar plants are cleaned and maintained. It will further help in improving the position of solar as one of the mainstream sources of energy.

Meet The Team


Apoorv Tyagi


B.Tech IIT Delhi


Divas Gupta

Business Counsel

B.Tech IIT Delhi

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Ayush Tyagi

Research & Development

B.S. & M.S. IISER Mohali

sidak 7-removebg-preview.jpg

Sidakdeep Singh

Hardware Engineering

B.Tech VIT Vellore

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Ritik Mahajan

Manufacturing & Production

B.Tech GNA University

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Prof. B.K. Panigrahi


Professor, IIT Delhi


Dr. Anil Wali




Greenleap Robotics is a venture founded by IIT Delhi alumni
Greenleap Robotics is supported by FITT
Greenleap Robotics is supported by Department of Science and Technology
Greenleap Robotics has a focus on 100% Made in India product
Greenleap Robotics is recognised by Startup India
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