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Solar Eclipse


Our robotic cleaning solutions (fully autonomous and semi-autonomous) provide an efficient, safe and reliable way to increase the production of solar plants thereby reducing the cost of O&M. 

ALPUR, Karnataka (27MWp)

This 27 MWp-sized solar plant is one of its kind featuring approx. 6-meter wide solar tables.  Our LOTUS P6000 cleaning robot works perfectly in removing dust and debris and it can be shared among the solar rows.

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Cuttack, Odisha (17MWp)

This 17 MW-sized solar plant is experiencing heavy red soling. LOTUS P4000's superior, fast and water-less cleaning helps increase the generation output and save water resources to clean the solar panels.

Bhadla Solar Park, Rajasthan

Our robotic solutions are perfect for harsh and arid regions like Bhadla, Rajasthan. With limited availability of water and manpower, our cleaning robots prove to be a reliable companion to daily clean the solar plant.


Kota, Rajasthan

The LOTUS P4000 shareable cleaning robot cleans this 1 MWp Solar Plant in the DCM factory under 2.5 hours. The plant is exposed to cement dust which requires daily cleaning.

Bhilwara, Rajasthan

The coal dust-stricken rooftop solar plant in the premises of a yarn spinning factory meets our LOTUS A4000 fully autonomous solar panel cleaning solution. The all-aluminum rails and docking station have been retrofitted to the existing plant to make it compatible with the autonomous cleaning while ensuring minimal weight on the roof.  

Bhilwara demo.PNG

IIT Delhi , Sonipat Campus

The elevated rooftop solar plant of the IIT Delhi Technopark in Sonipat, Haryana is tough to reach installation to do cleaning via manual methods. LOTUS A4000 fully autonomous solution provides daily cleaning waterlessly and shown effective against heavy bird dropping problem at the site.

IIT Delhi , New Delhi

This was our first project to install our indigenously developed fully autonomous cleaning robot at our alma mater. IIT Delhi houses a 2MWp rooftop solar plant. One of the most prestigious institutes of our country witnessed a 5% improvement in the generation as compared to weekly manual cleaning cycles. 

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