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LOTUS - P4000

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LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot's full CAD rendering

The solar panel cleaning
count on!

Introducing LOTUS-P4000, a semi-autonomous and waterless solar panel cleaning robot. It is an intelligent, worker-friendly, and economical solution for sharing a single cleaning robot on multiple solar rows. It comes with unmatched product quality and a remarkable ROI under 9 months for typical solar plants. 

Upto 10% more generation output than bi-weekly cleaning

LOTUS P4000 cleaning system is based on ultra-soft microfiber cloths rotating along the length direction of the robot. The microfiber cleaning fins generate airflow and a controlled impact that flicks off the dust particles from the panels without any scratching or dragging.

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Easy Maintenance.png
Safe on Panels.png

Cleaning via airflow + flicking action

Up to 2 years of microfiber fins life

Easy microfiber replacement

Up to 98% cleaning in a single pass

Customizable brushes

LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot's Gearbox rendering

Machine Design

Our attention to detail and support from IIT Delhi has resulted in a precision-engineered machine that delivers performance while consuming less power.

LOTUS Cleaning robot is a patented technology

Patented Technology

We have patented our unique dual-drive system with real-time orientation control which helps to overcome the module irregularities upto 40 mm.

This aluminum and steel-made drive-unit is custom-designed to be strong and lightweight.

LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot is build with high quality raw materials


High-grade aluminum & stainless steel is used in parts and fasteners to achieve exceptional durability and corrosion-resistant product.

LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot uses lightweight and robust Brushless DC motors


High-performance BLDC motors provide 5000+ hours of life under extreme conditions with high power to weight ratio and zero maintenance.

LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot is robust and durable


Our robots have a rigid open-body frame which doesn’t slack while lifting and produce minimal shading with stable operation under 50 kmph wind.

LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot is precision engineered

Precision Engineered

The precision engineered parts provide desired features of high strength and reliable operation while minimising the weight and power loss.

Our robots have passed multiple outdoor and indoor tests of 100 + hours of continuous-operations in IIT Delhi's facilities.


Outdoor tests

LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot undergoing lab testing

Indoor tests

LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot's in house cleaning test
LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot's in house cleaning test

Easy to handle and move

Carefully designed detatch-able handles provide row-shifting time as low as 25 secs while minimizing the weight of the robot.

LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot is comfortable for humans to use
LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot is lightweight
LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot is fully customisable
LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot is quickly installed

Ergonomic design



25 secs row-shifting time

module safety_bright.PNG

Maintains the SAFETY and INTEGRITY of solar PV module

  • The wheels of the robot run on module frame to transfer the load from the frame to the underlying structure.

  • Microfiber cleaning fins flicks-off the dust and debris to prevent any damage to the Anti-Reflective Coating (ARC).

  • Appropriate hardness of the wheel coating material (TPU) provides cushion as well as durability.

  • In-lab simulations result in a Factor-of-Safety (FOS) value of 5.62.

LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot has weatherproof main control box

All robots are equipped with automotive grade electronics 
and 4G based communication 

LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot has superior electronics


- ARM Cortex M4 based processor
- 4G LTE communication system
- Low current consumption
- High-endurance parts and switches
- Noise & Interference cancellation design
- Advanced firmware

LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot has compact electronics
LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot is built with automotive grade electronics components
LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot is reliable


- Automotive grade Q1 components
- Extended temperature operation
- Over current & voltage protection
- Lightning surge protection
- Impact-resistant enclosure (IK 07)
- RoHS and CE certified parts
- IP65 ingress protection

Longer cleaning time with lesser battery size

LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot has long cleaning range

With a swappable and high energy-dense lithium battery pack, the cleaning never stops!
A single cleaning cycle of standard
1 MWp solar plant is done under 2.5 hours!

LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot has a swappable battery pack

Upto 4 hours
of cleaning time with
12Ah @ 25.6V (Std. range)

Upto 6 hours
of cleaning time with
18Ah @ 25.6V (Exd. range)

The Charging Point

LOTUS P4000 cleaning robot can be charged via solar
Charging station2.png

Solar-based charging points are installed at designated points on the site to charge the robots’ batteries, thus achieving true energy independence.

IMG_7296 (2).JPG
battery charging -green.png
multiple battery charge.png
Quick Installation.png

Solar-based charging

Full charge under 2 hours

Charges multiple batteries

Set-up at any location​

Fast installation

All weatherproof

Clean range.PNG


Communication System.png

Real-time monitoring

alert-icon-1566 - Copy.png

Error notification

Cleaning Report.png

Report generation

Cleaning report.PNG

Tier-1 Suppliers

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Approved By

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LOTUS P4000 Brochure

LOTUS P4000 Tech Specs

If you’re interested in learning more about our product & services, simply get in touch.

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