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Lotus - A4000

Lightweight Design

Lotus-A4000 is meticulously designed to have high performance while weighing minimum. More than 80% of the major components are in-house designed and manufactured. An all aluminum chassis gives high strength without compromising weight.

GLR_design - Copy.png

Water-less Cleaning

Ultra-soft microfiber cloth based cleaning system flicks off the dust and debris off the solar panel, without damaging the glass-surface or Anti-reflective coating (ARC). Daily Cleaning is performed to maximize solar plant's efficiency.


This robot is a unique combination of hardware and software. It houses multiple sensors, ARM-cortex M4 based microprocessor, robust communication system, motion control system, self-solar charging system on docking station and intelligent operating software to make it a truly autonomous machine.

Cloud Integrated_white - Copy.png

Cloud Connected

All Lotus-A4000s are centrally managed and controlled via our proprietary web application. This ensures peak performance, zero downtime and predictive maintenance of all the robots.

Runs on Misalignments

With our patent pending design and proprietary Real-time Orientation Control System (ROCS), our robot can cross misalignments among solar panels effectively and efficiently. Thus further improving the cleaning range of the robot. It does not require rails to run over the solar panel rows.

If you’re interested in learning more about our product & services, simply get in touch.

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